Rolex Oyster Perpetual 114300 39 mm watch


2014 Rolex introduced three 36 mm color faceplate Oyster Perpetual watch. 2015, Rolex launched the same color then the face plate 39 mm Oyster Perpetual watch 114,300. The new Oyster Perpetual Oyster Perpetual watch dial is the most caught the eye of three different color sun pattern dial. Rhodium deep gray dial is the most conservative and most popular, while red wine and blue face plate is bolder, more youthful choice. This pure color watch dial and integration is likely to be its biggest advantage. No date or date magnifier window to interfere with the line of sight. Hour and minute hands are simple strip bar, when three-dimensional gold standard is the same consistent thin strip, not distracting but also to ensure readability. Rolex new face plate is impressive, although very simple, but will not make people feel monotonous and boring. replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual 114300 watch


Rolex in 1926 first introduced the world’s first waterproof watch, the Oyster case is legendary. Face plate Zeneng less Rolex small crown, but we are more interested in the new color dot hour markers. Nowadays many people think there is no watch 500 meters waterproof capability will not dare to wear a swim, but think Rolex, Oyster case 100 meters water resistance to cope with everyday casual swim, it is more than sufficient. Rhodium-gray dial coupled with bright blue fine point, red wine color face plate with orange highlights, and blue face plate with a green dot. This color point 12, with the sun grain surface plate having a wonderful reflection of the combination, the only time to watch the show features add a lot of fun.


Case shape and structure do not have much new, but the size of it is new. Now for the first time provides a masculine dimension of 39 mm. Comfortable 904L stainless steel bracelet (70400) all brushed. Equipped with the technology is mature 3132 movement, is 3135 removed the calendar. 3132 Rolex now is certainly not the most sophisticated of the movement, but watch for entry must be very appropriate. Certified by the COSC, equipped with Rolex Parachrom niobium blue gossamer, Paraflex cushioning protection system, gold screw to adjust the balance wheel and other advanced technology to drill 31, with 48-hour power reserve, and stop seconds, means being able to set time accurate to the second. Oyster case with Oyster bracelet always considered perfect.