replica ROLEX GMT-MASTER II 16710 watch review

ROLEX is a highly revered brand throughout the globe and the brand is renowned for its superlative automatic timepieces for both men and women.The replica ROLEX GMT-MASTER II 16710 watch is in a league of its own.

Now,let’s introduce another watch,replica ROLEX GMT-MASTER II 16710 watch is similar to it,about Rolex GMT-Master II 2018 Hands-On,in 1955 Rolex launched the first GMT watch (Ref. 6542), designed specifically for intercontinental commercial pilots at the now defunct airline Pan Am. The watch, with the ability to display two time zones simultaneously, one via a traditional 12-hour hand and the other via a 24-hour hand, went on to become a legendary professional timepiece, and now many decades later, is the benchmark by which all other GMT watches are measured.

Basically, with the current model, you set the red GMT 24-hour hand to your home time (reference time), which is also linked to the minutes, and then you can separately set the standard 12-hour hand (local time), without it affecting the reference time. The local time is linked to the date. So if you like you can leave both hour hands set to your home time, and when you land at your destination, you can quickly set the standard 12-hour hand to the local time, in one-hour jumps (because it is quickset), without affecting the accuracy minutes and seconds of the reference time.

Following the launch of the white gold GMT-Master II with a blue and red ceramic “Pepsi” bezel in 2014, Rolex finally came out with a much anticipated stainless steel (904L Oystersteel) version this year.

The Rolex GMT Master II “Pepsi” (Ref. 126710 BLRO) is the watch that serious Rolex collectors and enthusiasts alike want right now. It’s currently available at authorized Rolex dealers, although there’s already a huge waiting list, and so naturally the demand has caused the price some wealthy buyers are willing to pay to reportedly double. Whether the demand is so high, or the supply is just restrained, is a good question that’s hard to answer. Nevertheless, this is hottest GMT watch of the year. Although Rolex’s more affordable brand, Tudor, might have something to say about that, considering they too launched a new GMT watch with a Pepsi bezel and an in-house movement this year, for less than half the price.

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