Rolex Submarine

2022 New Rolex Submarine Ref. 124060 replica

Top luxury watch brand Rolex has launched a new Rolex dive watch Ref. 124060 this year, it is the world’s best-selling dive watch, so any small change will reverberate like an earthquake,here we will intoduce this watch and tell you how to buy a replica Rolex Submarine Ref. 124060.

The Rolex Diver’s Watch was first released in 1953. It is considered a real tool for divers and has a long history as a military watch. It was not an overnight sensation. In the 1970s, Robert Redford, Steve Mc Queen and Charles Bronson took submariners to a higher level, wearing watches on and off the screen. It took a while for the Rolex submarine to become the cross-border hit it is today .

One reason for making changes without altering that power is that the undated submarine has remained relatively unchanged since its inception. It has maintained its core design concepts: the black bezel, the black dial, the large time dial and the iconic oyster bracelet. Any evolution is subtle. 2012 saw the submariner become an updated version of the aluminium ring-stamped buckle watch that has stood the test of time for 60 years. The updated submariner ref. 114060 is the rebirth of the watch. It has a new heavy-duty bracelet and buckle system and a sleek (and very shiny) Cracow bezel. Cool watches become more luxurious, but to the naked eye, they look the same.

Eight years later, in August 2020, Rolex introduced the reference 124060, a 41 mm watch with an improved case profile, thinner ears, a slightly different chain construction and a new internal movement that made the biggest and least obvious changes to the sub. As a result, the watch initially defined as 40 mm in size is no longer 40 mm in diameter I see the sub less as a tool for underwater wreck exploration than as a day-to-day partner. But that’s the best part of this watch. It’s so classic and timeless that it can adapt to any scenario like a chameleon.

If you really need to get wet, it’s ready to go As a watch seller for many years, the new 124060 feels like an old friend – assuming I know what to do with it, it can do ordinary tasks too, as it can time dives. Considering the new size, I paid close attention to how it felt on my wrist. It feels like a submarine – just improved. The new movement also boosted my confidence as I needed to keep track of time so as not to miss my ferry trip .

The Submarine 124060 looks almost identical to its predecessor. In fact, the changes to the case actually make the watch look thinner. The old Maxi case (named after its square shape) no longer exists. The 41 mm size (between 40.6 and 40.8) combined with the 21 mm lug width creates a case profile more like that of the old submarine than the 114060 Oyster bracelet, which is fully brushed and as iconic as the watch fixed to the wrist. As with the watch as a whole, the new submarine bracelet is both the same and different. At first glance, it appears to be the same bracelet as the previous model.

However, the fact that the lugs are 21 mm wide is now wider than the previous SUB The interior is the biggest improvement to the watch, thanks to the new Rolex calibre 3230, which is in fact an undated version of the existing 3235. It boasts two patented Rolex creations: the parachute blue hairspring and the kromesky escape, which together ensure improved precision and performance.

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